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After spending some time pondering who I would need to harangue into helping me make a nice EAD schema compliant stylesheet so that I can post my EAD out from Archivists’ Toolkit —  scratching my head over why neither LC nor the EAD Roundtable offer schema compliant stylesheets — I made a humbling discovery.

I don’t need a schema compliant stylesheet if I’m using AT.

AT outputs html as a report, using a default stylesheet which looks like those from the EAD Cookbook by Micheal Fox. So it’s basic and bare, but clean and simple.

Sigh. Silly me.

Why did it take me this long to figure this out? Is this what I get for not reading the AT manual cover to cover? I just assumed that to get a web-worthy finding aid  out of AT you need to “Export EAD” from the Resource record. But no!

Page 194 of the version 1.1.1 AT User Manual ( says how to use the Reports button to output html.

Then I saw that Christopher Curry had asked the AT list about putting your own stylesheet in so that it serves as the default instead. See  Apparently it’s just a matter of placing your stylesheet file in the right place, as AT’s Lee Mandell says in response to Curry: “To use your style sheet all you need to do is replace the file > eadcbs5.xsl with your own (using the same name of course). You can > find that file in the directory where the AT application is within > reports/Resources/eadToPdf. “

So that can be done, it just isn’t mentioned in the User Manual or FAQs.

Next step – harangue our super-cool IT staff into helping me put our stylesheet in to place since I don’t have the authority to do that kind of thing.

Then I can stop being sad about my lack of stylesheet editing skills (for now) and start spitting out some nice, pretty finding aids.