I was able to replace the default AT stylesheet with our own stylesheet by following the directions posted earlier. We have our own version of the eadcbs5.xsl stylesheet from the EAD Cookbook.

I had to add the dsc7.xsl file into the eadcbs5.xsl stylesheet so it was all in one file (we had separate as the 2 files, eadcbs5 calling dsc7 into action). Once that was done, the file parsed successfully and I had some html to look at.

However, I didn’t like the html I got — it was slightly different than how it looks when we do the EAD to HTML transformation in Oxygen.  For example,  in the container list portion, when running through AT,  it didn’t suppress repeating Box headings and #s  (<container type=”box” > labels).  So if my Box 1 had say 70 folders listed, it repeated the word “box” and the box # for each of those 70 folders, when normally my stylesheet suppresses that for readability.

There were a couple of other small things, but that one was the dealbreaker.

We decided to just use the AT default stylesheet and tweak the html output slightly to meet our needs. We always had to tweak things a little anyway before posting them, when we created our on-line finding aids by using Oxygen (handcoding EAD and transforming to html).

This is a finding aid we made solely in AT and using the default stylesheet, with a post-output tweak or two.: http://library.rice.edu/collections/WRC/finding-aids/manuscripts/0333.